Stonewall’s radical history


Sylvia Rivera, one of the mothers of LGBT Pride

This summer will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the uprising at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, a protest against the violence of police raids on gay bars. A direct descendant of this landmark event in LGBTQ history is Northampton’s own annual Pride march, happening this coming Saturday.

I’m a queer trans man and a genealogist. Studying my roots in Corleone, Sicily, led me to become an historian of the Mafia. The Stonewall uprising is where my family origin stories come together.

A little known fact from our history is the part the Mafia played, before and after the insurrection at Stonewall. The story of where we came from, how we got to Stonewall, and what we did next contains much that is unsettling. It’s a story of shame, violence, and corruption. I hope that it will disturb and inspire you.

After the Noho Pride parade on Saturday, May 4th, join me in the Tri-County Fairgrounds to hear the radical, true story of Stonewall. My talk is called “Stonewall and the Mafia,” and will be happening at noon in one of the workshop tents at the fairgrounds, where the parade ends.

See the event on Facebook for more information and directions.

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