The Good Men Project: Recent posts on Penn State, “The Kids Are All Right”

My recent posts on The Good Men Project have been on the evil that men do when good men do nothing.

Before learning the identity of the grad assistant who saw Sandusky in the shower that night, I only wanted to know, why didn’t he call 911 when he saw a violent crime in progress? Mike McQueary has stopped a knife fight. He could have put a stop to this known child molester.  Only he could ever explain why he didn’t.

Cognitive Dissonance and the Sandusky Situation

Sperm donor Paul could have been a flaky, yet lovable spuncle to Nic and Jules’ kids, teenagers Laser and Joni. Instead, he fucked it all up. Then he walked away. My principal problem with him is the part where he walks away.

Are the Kids All Right?


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