Trans-Health archives, now in PDF on Google Docs

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The old masthead

I’ve been wondering where to host these, and it turns out that Google Docs will let me do that, too!

This is the entire archive of Trans-Health. You can read the articles on the original domain, still hosted by one of the original co-creator/editors of the original health and fitness magazine for trans people. Or you can read them here, as they appeared originally on the pages of

These PDFs replicate the original design, introductory patter, news coverage, and images accompanying articles from the old Trans-Health. We ran from 2001 to 2003. Some of these articles are just as relevant now as they ever were, while others provide a snapshot of our trans community in those years: the ways we helped one another, our concerns, and our triumphs.

Happy reading.

Volume 1, Issue 1: Summer 2001
Volume 1, Issue 2: Fall 2001
Volume 1, Issue 3: Winter 2001
Volume 1, Issue 4: Spring 2002

Volume 2, Issue 1: Summer 2002
Volume 2, Issue 2: Fall 2002
Volume 2, Issue 3: Winter 2003


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